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Pint Size Tin Can

Measurement: 4x4.5inch - (D) x (H)

Color: Bronze / Rose Gold


Pack by 39pcs - 30pesos per piece



Question: Can you bake directly using this tin can?

Answer: Most of the baker advice to use Baking Paper to Prevent the Product from touching the Tin Can during Baking.



The Tin Can are Food Safe. Came from supplier of well known ice cream company here in the Philippines. Although these are 100% brand new, for food safety purpose, it is Standard Operating Proceedure to wash and sterilize the product prior to using for food.


Take note that these are very delicate during travel. There is a tendency for scratch during transport. For client who are sensitive to scratch and dent, please do not buy this product. Our company will not be responsible for any scratch, dent, and any form of damage during transit. All risk are passed on to buyer. We do not have warranty on Tin Can. As is where is.

TC401 Tin Can (39pcs per pack)

SKU: TC 401 Rose Gold 39pcs
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