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Helping Farmers Bottle Their Profit to Success!

In the Philippines, it is very common to hear situations about farmers throwing away their farm produce, because of extremely low price and no demand for the product. It has been the same problem of the farmers for decades, and the problem seems to be repeating every year.

Let us identify what are the common problem of our fellow farmers:

  • Over Supply + No Demand = Zero Value

  • Lack of Storage Facility

  • Poor Farm to Market Road Infrustructure

Food Preservation Technique might be the solution of our fellow farmer By preserving produce, farmers can extend the shelf life of their produce and reduce food waste. This allows them to store their produce longer and sell it when the market is high or when the demand is higher. Preserving produce also allows farmers to capture the seasonality of fruits and vegetables and make them available to customers year-round. Additionally, preserving produce can reduce the need for expensive cooling and storage facilities, resulting in cost savings for farmers. It is also easier to transport preserved produce because of its longer shelf life. Finally, preserving produce can help farmers diversify their income by allowing them to offer a wider variety of products to their customers.

One of the popular way of Food Preservation Technique is through Canning Technique. Canning is a method of preserving fruits and vegetables by sterilizing and sealing them in airtight containers, such as Glass Jar. This process prevents the growth of microorganisms, allowing the food to be stored for long periods of time. In order to can food, the food must first be prepared and then placed in cans or Glass Jars and sealed. A vacuum is created inside the can or jar, and then the food is heated to a high temperature to kill microorganisms and stop the growth of enzymes. After the food has been heated and sealed, it can be stored for long periods of time without spoiling.

Now, Let us Summarize the Solution for our Fellow Farmer:

  • Over Supply and No demand are now addressed by Creating Demand by Introducing Value to the Product (Value Added Product)

  • Lack of Storage Facility are now addressed by Food Preservation Technique as the shelflife of the product are extended and require no special equipment like Freezer/Refrigirator to store the product.

  • Poor Farm to Market Road Infrustructure are now addressed by more easy handling and longer shelf life. You can ship your product around the world without being worried about getting rotten.

Bonus: Food Preservation Technique are not only limited to Farmers. Even Us Employee can also do Food Preservation at our home and take advantage of the Very Low Seasonal Price of Fruits and Vegetable, which will eventually help farmers by increasing the demand of their produce. Our Finish Product, can then be sold via online or to our officemate and neighbors for additional income.

Date: March 1 2023

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