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About Clickdirect Marketing Inc.

Clickdirect Marketing Inc. started October 2010, with the goal of providing quality packaging alternative with an affordable price, that is easily access by customer through out the Philippines.  Over the years, Clickdirect Marketing Inc, has gain trust and support from over 6000 partner customer through out the Philippines. Clickdirect Marketing Inc., has also extended the product line with Glass jar and bottles, Zip Lock Stand Up Pouches, Vacuum Sealing Machines and Freeze Safe Mircrowave Safe Boilable Vacuum Bags, Food Safe Tin Can, Seal Fresh Trays and Tray Sealers, Food Processing Machine and Food Packaging Machines.  

Clickdirect Marketing Inc. has been partner supplier for some of the well known brands in food service solutions, hotels and restaurants, baking schools and baking supply store, and more. We are looking forward to service you!

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